Tuesday, January 31, 2006

End of Day 2

End of day 2 at the Borgata I have 170,000 chips with 33 people left.

I had 65k when I got back from the dinner break but quickly lost about 20k. Then I picked up 88 and doubled through JohnnyBax's KJ to get up to almost 100. Then I was in the BB with AT and an active player open limped, the button called and I checked the BB. I flopped middle pair and it was checked around, on the turn a 7 peeled off making it a JT67 board. The active player bet 10k after I checked and I called. The river was a Q and he bet 20k and I called and he showed 56. That got me to about 128k - for the first time I felt like I had a little room to manouver.

I raised once to 12k on the button with AKo and the SB called and I flopped two pair and he folded the flop.

On one hand I got a free look in the BB with Jd9d and I flopped the nut straight on a two club board. Bax bet 15k, I made it 45k and both the original limper and Bax folded. I could've maybe smooth called here but I can't really let the button at a club draw and maybe I give someone else a chance to make a mistake.

So during the 3k-6k level I had about 150k when this hand came up. Fairly tight player opens in EP for 18k, loosish caller calls behind and Bax calls one off the button. I'm on the button and find AKo and jam for the full 150k. Everyone folded and I picked up a ton of dead money... it was the perfect stack size to jam in that spot and I had the perfect hand. The first smooth caller thought a long time before folding what he said was AJ suited.

I lost one pot and paid some blinds and antes in the 4-8k level to finish at 170,000.

The biggest pair I saw today were 99 and 88 and I won coinflips with each of those hands but it would sure be nice to see kings or aces tomorrow.

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