Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm off to Vegas tomorrow to play in a bunch of Bellagio tournaments. They start Friday with a $1500 buy in, and the prelims continue through December 10th... and then the $15k buy in starts on the 14th. I'm feeling good about my chances to make a final table at the Bellagio - I'm looking forward to it.

Things have been going a little better but nothing spectacular. I took quite a few days off last week but on Sunday, Monday and tonight I played in a bunch of tournaments. I've had a few close calls, getting deep in a few tournaments but I just can't seem to break through. On Monday I finished 5th in the Stars $150, which with the reorganization of the poker sites has become a huge tournament. I made $7600 for that score, but I really ran poorly at the final table. One of the first hands in I had AK vs AJ and lost, if I had won I would have 600k to second place's 300k with 8 players left. Then a super aggressive small blind moved in on me for about 8.5 big blinds, and I had A2 and I thought for sure I had the best hand, despite hating calling off a bunch of chips in that spot. The SB flipped up the huge T4 suited and of course hit a ten on the river. I was down below 100k after that but two people busted in the next few hands so I got to move up before I busted.

I have also been playing a few satellites for the Stars Bahamas trip in early January. This is a fun goal for me to have, I will probably go on the trip anyway but I sure would like to win a seat. Its a tight schedule but the day after the Bahamas trip I will be off to Australia for the tournament down there. As soon as I return from that the tournament circuit is pretty busy in the states - I'm looking forward to it.

Take care readers. I'll try to put some tournament reports together from the Bellagio.