Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bodog'in it

Had a good tourney result today, took 5th in the Bodog $100k for $5500. Took one particularly frustrating beat at the final table that would have put me in a good spot (AK lost to A7) but of course I had more than my fair share of luck along the way.

I also played the $1000 on Dise as I won a SNG yesterday for it. I took my starting stack below 2500 as per normal, but found KK vs QQ to double up and then got rolling a bit. Eventually I worked it up to 27k with about 150 players left. Then I blinded to about 23k, and I raised from the SB to 6k (blinds were 1-2k) with QT and the BB re-raised me and I mucked. This is with about 125 players left. (110 paid). The next hand I have 17k and pick up AK - Schaefer brings it in in early position for 5500 - since we are getting close to the bubble I think Schaefer's range is pretty big (and he had a healthy stack). It really wasn't a close decision for me to jam with AK even though I didn't think Schaefer could fold - but I didn't think he'd call right away with JT, which he did. He was getting over 2:1, so I understand the call, but I also think my range is pretty tight there. I don't think I ever have 99 or worse. So he flopped three tens and that was the end of me, 15 spots from the bubble. And my streak of never having cashed in a tournament with a buy in over $400 continues.

I'm gonna run the Bodog LA qualifier tonight as well as Dise's last Bay 101 qualifier. I might also run the HORSE tourney on Full Tilt.

As I type both Scheafer and Jacksup are deep in the money on dise, hope they both make the final table.

Addendum : (Shameless brag). Looking through my stats I have entered the Bodog $100 tourney 27 times, paying $2943 in buy-ins. My winnings out of those tourneys are $41,700 (I have a first, third and fifth as well as some other small cashes)... I just wish they'd go back to the old software!

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