Friday, January 27, 2006


Here's my recap of the $1500 NL:

Started with 7k chips, blind 25/50. First hand I lose 3000. I limp in with Qh9h and two others limp behind me and the flop comes Th7h6s, I bet 175, get one caller and then the button raises to 575. I call, the other player folds. The turn is the Jd and I check call 1000 now with my open ender and flush draw... admittedly a loose call. The turn comes 6h and I bet 1000 and the button jams. It was a pretty easy laydown really and after I laid it down he showed 6's full of 10's.

Level 2 a hilarious hand comes down. I raise in EP to 300 with 88, I get re-raised to 700 and then the button makes it 1500. The other two players in the hand each have more than 10k... but the button is a total donkey. I'm putting the first re-raiser on a huge hand, and I know I have to fold my 88. It gets back to the player who made it 700 and he moves all in for like 10k. Huge overbet. The button hems and haws and calls with ATo. AA for the other player. Of course the flop has an 8 in it. So if the button isn't the world's worst player, I put 400 more in and then double through the guy with aces.

Level 3 (75/150)- I see 33 and limp behind a limper for 150 leaving myself about 3900. The blinds come along and the flop is T63. The blinds check and the limper bets 600, I call, and the small blind moves all in and has us both covered easily. The first player folds, I of course call, and my 33 beats his top two pair.

Level 4 (100/200) - I get moved to a new table and immediately donk off about 3500. In a limped pot I double up the small blind with AT vs his T7 on a T7x flop. I get it back quickly after when I raise with JJ, the button calls and doubles me up on the 7 high flop (he had 99). I then donk off some to a tight player when I had 5c9c on a 5x8c3c flop, he has tc4c and he makes a pair of tens on the turn. One of those hands where I don't know if my draw or my pair is any good and on the turn neither were good. I then win a nice pot with JJ when the CO comes in for 600, the button calls and I make it 2600 from the SB. The cutoff rather quickly calls and the button folds. The flop is J55 but I don't make any other money in the hand as no overcards come - I believe my opp had AQ. I ended level 4 with 10500.

Level 5 (200/400/25) - I went on a nice rush at the beginning of this level to get to about 12000... then UTG brings it in for 1200 and I re-raise to 4000 with AK. The action gets back to him and he jams for 6900 total. I make the easy call and he has 99 but I don't improve and I'm now down to 5500. Again, I pick up some nice hands and get back up above 10k.

Level 6 (300/600/60) - I finally went carddead- and I wasn't about to push the issue becuase I had been raising quite a bit. I basically blind off to 7600 at the very last hand of the level when this hand comes up. (Now there are about 8 tables left so the average stack is like 18,000). UTG limps - which I don't think is that big of a deal because he has limped often. MP makes it only 1500(I'm not even sure he notices the limper). And then a player who has played pretty strange and loose jams for like 16k. The action gets to me in the BB and I have AcQc. I'm not worried about the limper, and I think that I might have the loose jammer dominated even, and the guy who made it 1500 hadn't been at the table for more than a few hands so I didn't really know what to put him on. (I had played with the guy before though and suspected that he was the kind of guy to protect a big pair with a large raise). So I mulled my options and decided to call all in. Well, the guy who made it 1500 calls both of us and has kings. The loose player has 66 and the flop brings a Q and a K and that's it for me. Out with around 80 players left.

Tonight I chopped a one table satellite for the $2500 so I will be playing that tourney on Friday and playing at a discount...

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