Monday, January 30, 2006

Borgata Day 1

I ended day 1 at the Borgata with 32500. Some quick hands :

Level 2 - Tight player brings it in for 600 (blinds 50-100), I call in LP with 7hTh, button calls, blinds call. Flop is J98 two spades. Raiser bets 2200, I make it 6000, the button cold calls and everyone and the raiser folds. The turn is a low spade, I bet 5000, button calls quite quickly. The river is an offsuit king and it goes check check and my hand is good. A few hands later I limp behind a limper with 5c3c and the flop is 742 rainbow. I bet 400, button makes it 800 (yay for min raisers when you're drawing), everyone else folds and I call. The turn is an ace, I check , button bets 500, I make it 2000, he calls. River is 6, still rainbow. Hard to put him on 58 there so I am pretty sure I have the best hand and bet 3000 and the button calls (with just a 7 I think!).

I got moved at the beginning of level 3. Andy Black was the only player I recognized at this table. I won some small pots to get to 52k at the last hand of the level when I raised to 600 with 96o (half the table had gotten up anyway). The big blind re-raised me, but small, to 1700. I decided to take a flop. The flop was A74 two diamonds and the blind bet out 1500. Normally when I see a preflop re-raise that's so small I don't think big ace, so I decided to call with nothing and take it away on the turn. The turn is a 5d, I do have a diamond, and now a straight draw, the bb checks, I bet 3500, he mucks AsJs face up. Wrong read, right aggression I guess.

Level 4 (100/200/25), I played one kinda scary pot. I raised in EP to 600 with JsJh. Both blinds called. The flop came Tc8c4c and the big blind bet 1700. He's an aggressive player, so he could have a big club, a pair and a club, a flush, I was kinda torn. But I think calling here is the best play... The turn was a 9s and he again bet out large, 4000. Now I'm a little tentative but still pretty confident he could be on a big range here, so I call again. The river is an offsuit 7 and he bets out 8000. Now I'm a bit sick because the pot is huge, I have a straight but my opp could have easily flopped a flush. I call the 8000 and he shows Jc8s, so we chop it up. Kinda bittersweet there. One of those times when I wish my opponent had tried to play a little smaller pot and I feel a little unlucky not to have won, but it wasn't a disaster.A little later a tight shortstacked player made it 600 and I called in position with 77 and Andy Black called behind us. The flop was T74 all diamonds and the preflop raiser bet 1500 leaving himself about 6000. I made it 5000, Andy folded and the preflop raiser went all in. I called and he had AA with no flush draw. However, he turned an ace and I lost a nasty one.

I got moved again to a table where I played my final four levels. I got it up to 50k again and hung at 46k through level 5. Level 6 was a disaster though. I made a bad play at a pot and never flopped anything when I saw flops. I was down to 32k at the dinner break (level 6). At the end of level 7 I had only 26k but chipped up a bit in the last level. Off to sleep as it was a long day.

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