Friday, January 27, 2006


The tournament can be summed up in one hand:

The first hand of the 200/400/25 level, Jean Robert (not Action Bob) Bellande makes it 1000 on the button, the big blind is still not back from break, I am in the SB with KTo and 6000 chips behind. Seeing as Bellande is raising often and with 1650 dead money in the pot I think its a trivial push. It was however a trivial call for Bellande as he had aces and that was the end of me.

There were some soft spots at my table but I never found a hand against them. Some examples... First level. CO brings it in for 150, button calls, Jean Robert calls from the BB. Flop is A24, Co bets 600, button makes it 1200, Jean Robert jams for like 8500, CO folds, button insta calls with AK. Jean Robert had 35, which wasn't a shock. Another great hand is when seat 7 brings it in in middle position for 500. Seat 3 calls from the SB and the flop is J24 two clubs. Seat 3 (the bad player) check calls. The turn is a Q and seat 3 check calls again. The river is a T, no flushes and seat 3 checks, seat 7 bets 2500 and seat 3 raises to 5000, seat 7 calls. A good player could have alot of hands in this spot, one I thought of was AcKc - but seat 3 makes a half value bet half bluff with AQ and seat 7 wins a monster pot with QT.

Seat 3's demise happens here... with about 8k he limps UTG for 150. The button makes it 675 and Jean Robert calls out of the SB. Limper calls. Flop is AQT and Jean Robert bets 1000, Seat 3(original limper) calls, button folds. The turn is a blank 5 and Jean Robert bets 1500 and Seat 3 jams for about 6400 with A9o. JR has KJ for the nuts.

I think I played only one mildly interesting hand. I had about 9000 in the BB (75/150) and UTG+3 brings it in for 450. I've played against this player before, he's very aggressive, always continuation bets, but he's also not a maniac. I have TT and decide to just call preflop. The flop is 832, I check, the raiser bets 650, I call. The turn is a 5. I am pretty confident I have the best hand but I'm not sure how to play it. I decide to lead for 1600 and the raiser thinks a bit and makes it 3600. This is a really sticky spot I've gotten myself into... I think he's aggressive to pick up weakness in my betting pattern and take it away with overcards, but he also could have a big pair or a set. I finally felt like my hand was no good and I mucked it. I'm still not sure of the best course of action there.

So, not much of a report I guess. I might play a super tonight or tomorrow if i the $10k vouchers are trasnferrable, or I might just hang out until the main event.

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