Saturday, August 13, 2005


Two cool things have happened in the past 24 hours... I won a WCOOP main event seat last night on Stars in the $30 Rebuy and today I won the $150+12 on Party for $13,125.

Backtracking a bit, on Thursday night I entered a few tournaments in the evening and cashed in three...but I was looking to go deep in all of them. In the Full Tilt $100, I had a big chip lead with 25 left, lost a small pot with AA vs KK and then lost a HUGE pot with AK vs JJ and de-railed a bit eventually pushing 55 into 66... I ended up 10th. (10th place money SUCKS). On Pacific in the $30, I had a really nice stack going with 40 people left but got aggressive in the BB when the SB opened, I decided to push with A7. SB had kings and made quads.
In the Bodog $25+2, I again was the chip leader as we entered the money (winning a few coin flips and getting lucky along the way) and then I fell a bit card dead at the end, made one bad call and a really bad push at the end to finish me off.

Last night I entered the $200+15 on Party and got it in with QQ vs 99 on a raggedy flop and lost to a river 9. I played two satellites on Pokerroom and lost them both...but the $30 Rebuy for the $2500+100 seat I really caught some cards. A lot of big pairs, and I won a race with TT vs AQ on a 234 flop ... then a big one with JJ vs AT and QQ vs JJ. I got to the final table in second, way ahead with one other guy (they were paying two seats and third only got $165)... I made a poor re-raise with ATo and committed myself against a guy who wound up with QQ. The flop was AAx but the river was a Q and instead of $100k and almost a guarantee to qualify, I ended up with $50k. But the other big stack increased his stack and when we were about 5 handed he picked them off one by one for me. Once with KT vs AQ, once with 29 against A4 and the final hand was really interesting... I am in the BB with 28k, SB has 14k. Blinds probably 1/2. Big stack open limps on the button (I have not seen this from him before), SB completes, and I have TT. This is an interesting dilemma, as I'm pretty sure I have the best hand, but the big stack is ALWAYS calling, so I decided to see a flop. The flop was K23 and it was checked around. The turn was a 4 and the SB bet and I folded and the button called. The river was a blank and the SB bet again, the button pushed, and the SB called. AK for the button, K9 for the SB and I had a seat!

In the $150+12 I never had any chips until the final couple of tables. I pushed a lot with air and never got called, finally pushed for about 7000 with blinds 750/1500 and busted JJ. After that I won with 99 vs KQ to put me in the top four with about 15 left. When we were on the bubble, a tight player raised my BB and I decided to push with 89. He insta-called with AQ but I flopped a 9 and busted him... at the final table of 10 I was in second!

A couple of unfortunate things then happened. I was raising a bunch, and getting great cards... and a player opened, and I pushed in behind with AK, he had TT and I flopped a K but the ten came on the turn...and I missed the flush draw on the river. A few hands later I pick up JJ and a short stack pushes with AQ and hits his ace on the river. Suddenly I'm well back in the pack.
Finally, after a lot of tight play and suckouts by shorter stacks, we get four handed and I push with K6o from the button and bust the shortest stack's AK.

A few hands later I pick up AA in the BB and the SB raises. We are almost equal in chips... I decide to take a chance and smooth call (although I guess its a small chance to take!) Flop is AK4 and he checks. I decide to min bet, and he calls. Turn is a K giving me aces full and he checks agian. I min bet again and he raises... I of course call and he jams the blank on the river and I take down the pot and cripple him (he had K6 for trip kings). I bust him on the next hand.

Heads up, he started with a small lead and played aggressively at first pushing ahead... but I started gaining momentum by chipping up a bit and playing small pots and winning a majority of them... I definitely held the better hands heads up. I did bluff him a couple of times at the end to keep my momentum going, and when he was down to about 10 BB's he open pushed with A4 and I woke up with KK. Bam, my third biggest payday ever :) Feels good.


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