Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Weekend Tourneys

This was the first Sunday in about three weeks I could play the big Sunday tourneys, so I went crazy. I ended up buying in on Full Tilt, Party and Bodog, but won satellites for Stars and Paradise. Here are the recaps :

(1) Bodog. Won a coin flip pretty early with AdTd against 99 and was up to about 2000. Ended up playing this hand when I had about 2900. Blinds 150/300. LP opens for 700, he's a big stack... I was new to the table so I had not witnessed his play. SB jams for 1600 total in the SB and I have 99. After giving it some thought, I figured the typical big stack in the cutoff should have a huge range here and I am hoping to be a coinflip or better against the SB, so I jam, the big stack folds AK - or at least he says so - and the SB has KK I flop a live flush draw but miss. I move in for 3 BB's with tilted, suited air from the SB on the next hand and go broke against A7o in the BB. I made the money like 3 straight times in this tourney, then I won it, and I haven't sniffed the money again.

(2) Stars. I didn't last long. Somehow I thought calling in position with KK against a preflop raise was a good idea with deep stacks. The flop came down 987 and the PF raiser lead out, I raised, he took his grand ole time and jammed, and I called. He had 99, and that was the end of me.

(3) Party. I had it up to 2000 early, and then down below 1000. Somehow, I got back to 3000 without getting it all in. Then I got some hands... Blinds 50/100, I open for 300 UTG with KK. Two short stacks shove behind me, one with AK and one with KQ, and my hand holds up so I have 4800. I get KK a while later when the blinds are 75-150, UTG opens for 500, he has 1100 behind, I bet his stack, he calls with AK. The flop is AKx, and the river is an A and I lose to aces full. This one stings, as my stack would have been well above average... I blasted off some chips with middle pairs like 88-TT, opening from early position, getting called behind, and having to check fold the flop (or once I pushed into a short stack who had top pair). Quickly, I was down to about 2000 and the blinds were 100-200. I'm in the BB, and the tight button opens for 500 and I decide to jam from the BB with 74o on a re-steal. He thinks for a long time before calling with KQo and I bust him when I flop a pair. Of course, my table image is shot here, and the very next hand I find 55 in the SB. Everyone folds to me and I limp, and then the BB jams for 2800. A huge overbet, but it really feels like its a coinflip, or even better, he has Ax where x is lower than 5. I ponder my options and probably make a pretty bad call, but it turned out to be good when he flipped up AKo. He spiked a K and I was down to 1200. I eventually pushed in with AQ and found QQ and didn't have any suckout karma. Finished in the 600's I think...

(4) Paradise - Grrr. This one really bothered me. Early on, I limped with QsJs and it was raised behind me, and a few people called so I decided to call and try to hit a big flop or draw. I flopped top two and got it all in with a short stack Q8 and KK and almost tripled up to 4200, putting me top 5 at the time. A few hands later, I limped behind about 4 limpers with 22, the button limps, the blinds come along, and I love the 929 flop. Its checked to me, I check, the button bets and an EP player pushes! It comes to me and I cold call, and the button calls! I jam on the turn card, a 6, and the button calls with JJ, EP has 44! I'm in great shape to have 7800 and be the chip leader, until the 9 rolls off on the river and JJ999 takes the pot. I really like how the button played his jacks.... LOL. Limping behind a truckload of limpers and then trying to go broke on THAT flop. I worked it up to about 5000, by stealing and re-raising here or there (of course I never got a premium pair), and the blinds started getting big. I lost a race with AK vs KJ to a short stack, but managed to get back up to 5000 again. I finally get TT and am delighted to see the short stack to my right push in for 2200 , I push in behind, he turns up K4o and spikes a K. I open-push with Qh5h on the next hand for 4 BB's and get called by AK. I see the Q high flop and get excited, but there is also a J and T on the flop :(

(5) Full Tilt - Chris wrote how he always seems to get an early double up on Full Tilt, well, before I get anything playable I'm usually down to 1200. It was this way again until I got a courtesy double up in the blinds when I called off my stack with A8 against QT. I moved up to about 3800 at one point and was down to 3200 and opened with 77 for 500 (blinds 100/200), I got called in one spot and the flop was Kxx, and I decided to take a stab instead of check/folding like I had been doing all day. AKo wasn't going anywhere though and I was down to 1000. I eventually jammed with Js8s and ran into my buddy Rex's kings. Damnit Rex, I've seen you fold KK preflop before, why not this time?

If you're scoring at home, that's 0 for 5.

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