Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nothing much...

Not a ton to report from the last few days. On Monday I got rakeback for July... always nice to pick up $1800 in found money. I played some 15/30 and won a few hundred and then entered a bunch of tournaments. $150 on Party, Stars and Pacific and the $20 rebuy on Stars and Pokerroom. Pacific got cancelled (but they refunded more than I paid, so I made about $60 or $70)... Party I never got ANY cards and open raised two pots, both times I ran into aces. The first time I folded, the second time I open pushed. Stars went pretty well... I had a nice stack early and was never really in danger of busting until we got close to the money. I didn't have to survive ANY all-ins and finished 15th. I survived many open pushes when I didn't have a strong hand but no one ever woke up with a hand (or played too tight). Once, just after getting in the money someone pushed into my BB and I woke up with KK and I had him just barely out-chipped. In short, satisfying to have played what I consider a strong tournament but disappointing to finish a few off the final table. On Pokerroom, I got hit in the face with the deck after the rebuy period and people consistently made horrible plays against me. I had HUGE equity when calling all-ins and built my stack consistently and became early chip leader. One the blinds got huge, I slowed down a bit... but with 20 players left I was in second or third, until... Someone raised my BB and I just called with QQ. The flop came garbage and I check-raised all in and the other person turned up AK and hit a K on the turn. A few hands later someone opened for a huge bet, like 4xBB and i was sitting again in the BB with about 13 BB's and AK. I jammed, he turned up queens, and flopped quads. I'm out 19th or something ... extremely frustrating to have played so well and watch it all go down in two hands.

Because I was up late I also entered the $35+3 double shootout on Stars for the $2500 main event of the WCOOP. I flat out owned the first table but nothing went right at the final table and I finished 8th for $7. Yuk.

Last night I played in the Pacific freeroll ($50k), presumabely I was allowed to play it because of the cancellation from Monday night. I decided to just call with KK after a preflop raise and got it all in against AQ after the Q high flop and lost. I also entered a $130+9 SNG on Stars for a $1050 seat. I think this is the biggest $ SNG I've ever played. Anyway, on the second hand I limped behind two limpers with 9To. The flop was KJ7 and there was a min bet and a raise to $80. I saw implied odds so I cold called. The min bettor folded and the Q came off on the turn. I managed to get it all in against KJ and doubled up (and busted him). I eventually got another player in with AJ vs A9 but the river was a 9 and four handed I ran KK into AA and busted. Nice luck there, lol. I ended up winning for the night when I played a little 15/30 short handed on full tilt. I have played this game twice and after 80,000 hands of 10/20 short handed I feel pretty comfortable. This game seemed SO passive compared to Party both times I've played it.

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