Monday, August 8, 2005

And the whifffffffffff....

Butchered like 8 big tournaments yesterday. The highlights.

Interpoker $200+10 to the St Kitts event - A misclick cost me 95% of my stack here. I had 3500, up from 2500, when a player min raises to 100 UTG. I re-raised to 325 with AK, only he called, and we took the 667 flop heads up. He checked, I bet hoping to get him off of big paint cards or a middle pair...and he called pretty quickly. The turn was a 9, he checked and I decided to check behind. The river was a blank, and he acted quickly. I thought he checked, and I was going to check, but he jammed, I hit the wrong button and called. He had 98, and I was down to 300. I don't know why he pushed, it was such a bad bet. He can't get paid off by any hand that will call him... anyway, I felt like an idiot. Left with 300, I get AK again, push over top of an EP raise, get called behind, and then the EP player isolates and I can't win against jacks.

Bodog - I was up to 2500+ early from 1000, and in the second hour the following excitement happened : With about 2300, I limped in LP after an UTG limper with 66... blinds 50/100. The BB makes a very smallish re-raise to 280, UTG calls, so I call. Flop is 653, BB bets very small again, UTG pushes for 980, I call, BB folds (?). UTG shows TT, turn T, river 6. Up to 4400. I later opened for 250 UTG with JTs and only the blinds came. A loose opener, but the table was pretty tight. The flop was J23 two clubs, I bet about 600 after the blinds check and the SB jams for 900. He has Ac8c and I lose the "race". What's so funny is this guy makes a big deal how he "had to come along" when clearly the better play is to jam before the action gets to me to pot committ myself. I take another hit when I raise with AK and then jam the raggedy flop into 99 who makes a nice call. The end of me came at 150/300, I had about 2800 and posted the SB. The same player from the Ac8c hand limps in late position and I have a no brainer jam with 55 from the SB. He types in "I'm going to gamble here" or something like that and calls with KQo. NH, buddy. Open limp one off the button with KQ and then call off 70% of your chips. Of course I lost the coin flip and he wins $25,000. (Not kidding, I'm pretty sure he won the tournament.)

Paradise $30 Rebuy. I don't know why I play these rebuys. I never seem to get any chips in the rebuy period, and this was no different. I spent $150 and had like 7000 at the break. I got lucky and busted a smaller stack with 66 against QQ, then I doubled up with AK vs AQ. That finally put me above average and then I got nothing... I had no chips to re-steal with, never had the action folded to me (except for once when I won the blinds with Q3o or some trash hand)... and finally, about 30 spots from the money, an UTG-horrid-really-loose player opens for most of his stack UTG. I am in the SB with A4o. Normally, this would be an easy muck, but this guy has an enormous range, so I jam, he of course calls, I have him just barely covered, he has KT and he doubles up.

Interpoker - 100+10 (Pounds). We started with 2500, and I played poorly and got nothing in the first hour. Blinds 25-50, I find KK, have 1500 and make it 150 in LP. Only the BB calls. The flop is Qxx all diamonds, I have none, I bet and am called on the flop. Turn is a brick, the BB bets out, I jam, he has AA. Nice that when you are running bad, you salivate over getting KK, getting action, and then you run into AA (also, no diamond, lol).

Eurobet - $100+0 - Yes, you read that correctly. No juice in this tournament, AND there is an overlay. Good thing no one reads this blog or else it might not be a secret for long - $20k Guarantee and there were only 127 people. I missed one draw, bluffed off all but 300, and then put it in with bottom pair and got called by overcards that hit.

Party - $200+15 - Up to 2400 early, I see a free flop with 2dTd. Flop is T53 two diamonds, and I manage to call in a three way pot against 55 and AdQd. Nice equity. WTF is the guy in LP just calling with AQ for? I'm down to 1500, blinds 50-100, when I open-limp from the SB with AK. I can't tell you how bad this play normally is, but the BB is just short of psycho-aggressive. He jams (which I expected), I of course call and lose to A8o.

Full Tilt - $200+16 - Normal Full Tilt mode. Blind off to 1500, open for 150 with AsQs, get re-raised...and here is a case where AQ is the nuts compared to what I've been seeing so I jam ...right into AA. Flop a four flush and miss.

Paradise - $300 - Blind down to about 1200...find AA and a couple of limpers for 50. I make it 225, get one caller, flop is KQ9, guy jams for 800. I of course call, he has KQ. I get no counterfeit love and am crippled. I get a miracle double up when I push with bottom pair against a slowplayed KK, but lose with KQ vs A9.

Stars - $200 - Let's review the first hour. I think I folded almost every hand. I opened once with TT and everyone folded! I made one button raise and of course got re-raised. Finally, in the second hour, I opened for 450 on the button with AQ. The BB got frisky and jammed, I called and he had A4 and my hand held up. Up to about 4600. I later opened for 450 with KsQs, got re-raised to 750 (boy do I love my hand now) and check/folded the flop. I feel like I get sooooooooo played in those spots. AQ or AK I am jamming preflop. Somehow I got it up to about 5500 and opened for 600 with A4. Only the BB called... the flop was Axx, he checked, and I decided to check because I thought he was an aggressive player and he might try to take it away from me. On the turn, he lead out for 1000, I called. On the river, a face card came off, putting some gut shot or two pair hands up there and he jams for 4000. I call, he has Q high, and I'm up to 8800. I am now about 300th out of 1300. From there, I lost a small race with A6 against button snow (5c8c). The flop of 679 was real pleasant. My bustout hand is this : An aggressive player min raises from the button (800), I make it 2400 with KJo (in retrospect, I should have had a bigger hand here), the button jams... and I probably make a bad call against his range. Of course he has AA anyway, and he busts me.

Quick 15/30 Update. I'm still stuck about 110 BB's. But this month looks pretty good so far with a $4k profit in about 6200 hands.


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