Sunday, August 14, 2005

Back on Track...

Played in all of the big tourneys today (except Paradise).

Busted pretty early on Stars, calling all in with a straight draw against top pair... Party I busted early also, raising from the button with AJ and then calling the BB's jam (he had AQ). On Interpoker I lasted about 30 spots from the money and went broke with TT vs QQ. Had a lot of chips for awhile but didn't win the big pot late... Also didn't do anything on Eurobet's $100.

On Pacific's $100k I ended up 12th for $1000. I open pushed with 6 BB's with T7 and ran into QQ. So it goes. I never got my stack to the point where I could open a lot of pots, and never got a good re-stealing opportunity... On Full Tilt I finished 7th for about $1800...Again, I lost half of my stack instantly, and never had any chips until we got down to about 50 players. I maintained my stack pretty well but finally got short with about 12 players left ... and went broke with 66 utg at the final table (bb had jacks).

But a pretty damn good weekend overall.

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