Monday, March 6, 2006

Weekend Report

Another weekend, a couple of more WPT bubbles.

Yesterday I took second (read bubbled) for the LOQ tournament on Interpoker. (A seat or seats at major tournaments worth $15.5k). I was outchipped more than 2:1 to start and ended up getting it in with AJ vs 66 a little while later and losing. I did win $3880 for second place, which was enough to cover all of the other losses during the day.

I also managed to bubble for a Foxwoods $10k seat on Pokerstars. $30 rebuy that gave away two seats (and $175 to 3rd through 36th place , explain that) and I ended up third. As painful as normal. Looked great for awhile but ran AJ into AK three handed and that was that. There were three races between the other players that went the wrong way, each one would have lead to three people being left and me in solid second place. Each time, the wrong person won for me. When we finally got three handed I was in last place and quickly lost a pot to the second place guy and it was pretty desperate from there on out. Another pretty big disappointment.

Played in a bunch of tourneys as well today, only cashed in one... The $100 rebuy on Empire...I finished 6th for $3,000 and again roughly broke even for the day. I was second in chips with 6 left and went out in about 6 hands. I raised UTG with AJ and was pot committed against someone who re-raised with 77, the board came AJT98. Two hands later I was in the SB and got it in with 89 of clubs against QJ on a J96 two club board. I was a 51% favorite but bricked out. That left me with 2.5 bbs and I posted a few hands later and was pot committed against the SB and lost.

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