Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brief Update

Well, what is an update without another huge WPT/WSOP bubble?

I do not disappoint. I managed a stellar second place finish in the $650 qualifer on Pokerroom to the WPT Championship. 2nd place was good enough for $2,000 instead of the $27,900 seat. Yet again I had the chip lead at some point heads up but was unable to close the deal. Three handed I had a nice lead then JJ couldn't beat 44 and Q7 couldn't beat K2 on a KQ7 flop. Both of those pots would have given me a huge lead heads up. Instead I got short stacked and had to win two coinflips to survive.

Finally, in the heads up battle I managed to have A3 vs AQ on an A22KQ board, 64 vs JJ on a KJ66x board (where my opp open limped on the button), I did manage to suckout twice for all my chips to go from completely dead to in front... but I just couldn't finish it. And so it goes, rinse/repeat.

I've played a lot of WSOP or Foxwoods qualifiers this week and gotten close a few times but haven't won anything. Had a couple of small tourney cashes this week also, but nothing special. Overall it wasn't a very good week.

I'm off to Reno on Thursday to play the $1k, $2k and $5k (WPT) tourneys. Hopefully I'll satellite into the $5k but if not I'll probably play anyway. Still trying to figure out my schedule beyond that, whether I go to Foxwoods or the Bellagio or both. Maybe I'll see if I can bubble in a live satellite, too!

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