Monday, March 27, 2006

Reno $5k

Well another quick WPT tourney for me.

We started with $10k chips and the only person I recognized at my table was Gavin Griffin.

I was down to 9100 (50/100) at the beginning of the second level when the following hands came up :

Tight player opens for 300, I call with 8s5s, button calls. Flop is 6s4s2c, checked to me, I bet 700, button insta calls, preflop raiser mucks. Turn is 6h, I bet 1500, button calls quickly again. I now have a bad feeling about my spade draw, the Ts comes off on the river and I check and the button bets $1k and I call, he has AsJs and I lose.

Down to about 5400, UTG raises to 300, I call with JsJc, we take the flop heads up. Flop is QdJd2h, he bets 600, I make it 1800, he calls. Turn is an A, he checks, I push in for 3200, he mucks KK face up. Damn turn card.

Gavin opens for 300, gets a caller in LP, I call in the BB with 9hTd, flop is KdQd4d, checked around, turn is Jh, I bet 600, Gavin calls, LP mucks. Turn is a low diamond, I check, Gavin checks, my hand is good.

A few hands later I limp utg with QQ, with the intention of limp-reraising. Two to my left makes it 575, Gavin cold calls, I make it 2100 total, initial raiser instantly jams, Gavin mucks (he said later he mucked JJ), I tank for a bit and finally fold, I'm shown AA. This is why you don't limp re-raise with queens in that spot, I basically turn them into a bluff when I limp re-raise because I figure never to be given action from a worse hand and only win when I'm ahead.

There were three limpers to me and I made it 600 to go with AK and all of the limpers called and I checked behind on the T66 flop and then folded to a bet on the Q turn card.

Finally, with about 5500 the following hand came up. UTG tight player makes it 300, Gavin calls, another tight player calls, I'm on the button and find red kings, I make it 1300, UTG calls, Gavin calls, and then the tight player who was on the short stack thinks about pushing (which would have been great for me) but he finally mucks. So there is 4500 in the pot or so and I have only 4200 behind. Flop is J63 rainbow and checked to me, I bet 3000, UTG mucks, Gavin pushes, I call, he has 33 and that's the end of me.

Take care readers.

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