Sunday, March 12, 2006

Last few days (WSOP bound)

A quick summary of the last few days :

I made the final table of the Stars $10 rebuy on Wednesday and finished fourth for $4300+. Nice to make a final table in such a big tournament but I definitely had a chance to win, or at least make the final 3. But it takes a lot of running good to get through that many people.

Today I had another frustrating WSOP (almost) bubble. I made the final table of the $300+20 qualifier on Stars 2nd in chips and they were giving away 3 seats but I finished 7th. The big hand that I lost came when someone moved in for 13bbs utg with A7, I called with JJ and lost. With that pot I would've been in great shape.

I was pretty bummed so I decided not to play for a few hours and then came back and played two double shootouts, one for the WSOP and one for Foxwoods. I somehow made the final table in both of them (and the final tables actually started within a minute of each other). I got hit with the deck in the WSOP one and ended up winning it, so I'm headed to the WSOP! I went out third in the Foxwoods one, which was a little bit of a bummer but I can't complain.

The great thing about the Stars qualifiers is the number of qualifiers they run per day. I can now focus my attention on winning more seats and then use the money earned ($W) toward WSOP circuit, WPT, or even WPT prelim events. Through all of those close calls getting to the WSOP (and winning money for being runner up) I actually made more than $1500 in my quest for the WSOP. I'm pretty psyched about that.

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