Saturday, March 25, 2006

Reno $1k and Foxwoods

The Reno $1k did not go well. We only started with 2000 chips and the blinds were 25/25. At the end of the first level I had about 1200... at the end of the second level (25/50) I had 725 chips and found AA and raised to 125. The button re-raised with KK and we obviously got it all in, board came 235KA and I doubled up.

During the third level I actually got it to 2500... and my final hand came with blinds 50/100 and I had about 1800 to start the hand. I opened on the button+2 with 44 and got called by the BB (active fairly aggr player). The flop came Q64 and he bet 300 into me. I called hoping he would fire again on the turn. The turn was a Q and he bet 300 again. I had about 1100 left but decided to just call again. The river was an ugly 6 and he put me in. I really wasn't sure what he had, but I didn't think he put me on anything but ace high so I thought he could be value betting like a middle pair or maybe it was a total bluff - my hand was now caca but I called and he showed 68o and I was out. (Actually he left me with 50 chips but I busted quickly after)

So I came back to my room, slept for a bit, then won a Foxwoods seat on Stars in a double shootout (seat is worth $10,000). So now, I guess I'm heading to foxwoods in a couple of weeks!

I may or may not play $2k tomorrow. The structure is still pretty bad (2500 chips, same levels) and there are some internet tournaments I'd like to play. We'll see.

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