Friday, May 26, 2006

WSOPC New Orleans - Day 1

I won my seat into the $10k New Orleans Circuit event in a $1k mega satellite yesterday. It was a long trek, running about 10 hours. I was pretty short at the 100-200 level but beat KK with A3 and then I was off and running. I actually did get short one other time but then kept jamming or re-raising and then finally hit two really big hands to get some chips. With about 3 tables left (there were 17 $10k seats given away) my seat was pretty well locked up. I got aggressive near the bubble and tried to bust people and ended up busting the guy on the bubble with A8 vs AA.

I got to my seat for the $10k and didn't recognize anyone. Soon enough I found out I had one lady that was crazy at my table. She liked to min re-raise preflop, or sometimes she would make a 6xbb raise. Totally random, she didn't know what she was doing. On one hand, the board read (on the river) AQJT7 three clubs, and she bet into a guy for 600, he made it 1600, she made it like 3600, and he went all in for about 5000 more, he flips up 8c9c and someone asked to see her hand and it was Q9o. But it was impossible to put her on a hand, so I just decided that I would try to make a hand vs her and play it fast and hope she calls me.

After the first level I had 8k after raising with QQ and folding the turn on a scary board. A few minutes in I found AA in the cutoff and made it 300. The SB and BB called. The flop was Q64 two clubs and the SB lead out for 1000. I really thought he had a hand like KQ here, so I thought I would call and help disguise my hand a bit. The turn was a 2 and he bet 2000. I had about 6800 left and pushed in and he called (amazingly enough) with Q7 and my hand held up.

I treaded water for quite a while until the 100-200 level when I opened in Mp with Kh2h. The crazy lady from the BB called and the flop came 3h4h5h. She lead out for 1000, and I had no idea what she had but figured she would call a raise so I made it 3000 and she called. The turn was a 6c and she lead out again, for 4000. She had about 6000 behind and I really thought she was coming with me so I jammed - but she folded. Getting to 23k without a showdown was nice enough though.

From there I busted a short stack with 66 vs KJ to get to 27k or so... then in the last two levels I just chipped up slowly, winning more than my share of blinds and antes while almost never getting played back at. I ended the day with 37775 chips which is above average going into tomorrow.

We are playing down to 27 tomorrow (57 left for now) and then 10 on Saturday for the ESPN TV table. They are only paying 18 spots so we won't be down to the money tomorrow.

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