Friday, May 19, 2006


I apologize for taking so long to update.

I won another tournament this past Sunday, this time a $30 rebuy on Paradise for $13k. Its the third time I've won that specific tournament in 5 weeks.

This week nothing special has happened. I had two frustrating near misses today in the Party $30r and $100 40k guaranteed. I finished 11th in both of them! Nothing worse than getting close like that but not reaching the final table. In one of them I had 88 vs AQ and the other I lost with AJ vs T3.

I have started playing some turbo sit and goes this week. I've been playing mostly the $200+15's on Party and that has been going pretty well. Its a nice change because I was getting a little bored playing multi-tables all the time. Its nice to be able to play for an hour or two and then take a break and re-focus again.

Tomorrow I'm headed up north in Michigan to the Heartland Poker Tour event in Traverse City. Its a $1500+150 buy-in with the final 6 televised (its bascially public access TV here). Its an event in which I think there will be a lot of novice players so I made this last minute decision to go.

I will be back on Sunday and then home for a day before I head to New Orleans for the WSOP Circuit event.

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