Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Orleans Final Table

Well, I made my first TV final table today. I got into the final 10 2nd in chips to Gavin Smith (who has more than double my stack). It was a really interesting day, I chipped up nicely and had a great table with 19 players left but I got moved to balance the tables - my new table had all of the stacks that were over 200k at that time. They were also all to my left - and that made it challenging.

When we re-drew at 18 players I was sure I would have a better draw but it was worse. The same three players to my left with only one short stack in between. After Gavin Smith busted Phil Ivey Gavin became an even bigger problem to play against. I'm glad the bubble burst when it did, and even though I still have Gavin to my left tomorrow, he's a few more spots to the left than he was today.

I've been running really well the whole tourney... i don't think anyone has doubled through me and I've busted a few people with the worst hand. That really helps, hopefully I can keep that going tomorrow.

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