Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No News is Bad News

The Heartland Poker tour event came and went quite quickly for me. In the fourth level I had about 16k chips and got it all in after the flop with KhKd vs KsQc on a Js9s4s board and lost (I was only 53% to win).

I got in the car and drove home the nearly 5 hour drive just in time to start most of the Sunday tourneys. A really bad idea as it turned out. I should've taken a break or a nap and just played when I got up but instead entered a million tournaments like normal and ended up having a pretty brutal day.

Even with my extremely good weekend of three significant cashes my monthly MTT ROI (return on investment) is only 42% or so which is less than my year to date.

My first 120 sit and goes at the $200 turbo level have done pretty well with a ROI of 25%. (I think this is quite a bit above what I will expect over the long run but we'll see).

Tonight I played in two tournaments where I had very high hopes but fell short of anything worthwhile. In the $1000 WSOP satellite on Full Tilt (which I won a one table to gain entry to), I had a bunch of chips with 12 players left, in 2nd or 3rd place (with 6 12k seats given out), then I lose with AJ vs JJ (where I was getting 2:1 after raising in late position) and then I run into AA with AKs (table was 6 handed). Just a brutal sequence to finish 11th for no money.

On Stars in the $150, I misplayed a hand in the blinds to lose most of my stack at the 75/150 level, leaving myself with 505 chips. Somehow, when we got to the money I had it up to 44k when this hand came up :

A late position (big stack) open limps , I complete in the SB with T9 and the BB checks his option. The flop is J99 and I bet 2k into the 3600 pot, only the late positon limper calls. The turn is a 5, I bet 6k this time and the limper thinks for a bit and calls again. On the river a 6 came off putting a backdoor flush on the board and I bet 11k and my opponent went all in for 13 or 14k more. I was sick, I really didn't think I had the best hand anymore, and was really upset for betting the river. I was at least going to think things through before probably calling. Just when it came time for the timer to hit the screen, my hand went into the muck and my opponent got the pot! It turns out I had used my time bank earlier in the tournament without knowing it. At one point I thought Pokerstars was frozen (but I asked someone else if Stars worked for him and he said yes) so I shut stars down and re-opened it and everything was fine. Well, this episode got rid of my time bank and that really cost me.

My opponent said good fold that he had flopped 9's full, but you never know for sure. It either cost me a massive chip lead or saved me 13k. From there I lost AKs to QJ from a short stack then raised with ATo and had to call against JJ. From there I had only a couple of big blinds and busted in 28th a few hands later. Really frustrating finishes.

I'm off to New Orleans tomorrow for the WSOP Circuit event, I hope things come together down there.

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