Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Thanks...

I wanted to take some time and thank some of the people who have helped me with my game. I've felt like I wanted to thank them even before last night's success...

Anyway, here goes, in no particular order.

Jacksup - Matt has helped me with my game big time. His input over on wptfan has always been appreciated and I'm pretty sure I've read all of his posts there. You add them up and they are better than most strategy books out there. A great player with a lot of success and whenever he scores a big win its great motivation to try to top him. On a personal level, when I write Matt for his opinion on something, he always gives it to me straight, its a nice blend of rooting for me in the big events/tough situations and WTF are you doing in those situations where I need to be thinking a bit harder.

ZeKGB - A good friend and a good tournament player. I've learned a lot from him and he's been there a bunch of times when I have gone deep in tournaments offering live support and advice. His advice like "time to ratchet it up more here" or "seems like the table is playing pretty tight" or "this guy seems a little tiltish" has probably made me thousands of dollars. My roomie at the world series, and someone that deserves to get really hot soon and string together a bunch of nice wins. He's a top 50 player for the year on Stars. Has been on the receiving end of constant whining when I'm running even slightly bad of normal and has absorbed it really well.

Chris - He has helped me a lot with my limit game... particularly a couple of months ago when my bankroll and confidence took a huge hit. I can't say enough about having someone there that you can ask questions to who has been through some bad runs. Someone who says confidently "you're a good player, you'll get out of it, now get back to work".

TheViper - He was my mentor for a lot of months when I was starting out. We always didn't agree on how to play hands, but his advice really helped. I remember writing one ridiculous rant to him afte my bustout in Atlantis and he took a very long time out of his busy schedule to write a very nice reply that I appreciated. He did this a bunch of times for me and always lifted my spirits.

Heather - Heather has always been there for me through the bad times and good. She has accepted poker as a huge part of my life and has been there for every big tournament cash or brutal bustout. Always maintains a positive attitude about things and has been an immense help. Definitely improving as a player as well and is a tough heads up opponent!

To numerous others on Wptfan and DBpoker. Galaxy500, csctiger2, stlouis6, duquedelsol, mk, showtime25, craniac, paulie187 - and many many others. Everyone in that group has supported me at various times. And to all of the others that railbirded last night and at other big final tables, you have no idea how much all of that support means! I hope to return the favor to all of you in your big tournaments.

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