Saturday, September 10, 2005

Slow couple of days and then...

Something very cool just happened! I won a WPT seat worth $18,500 on Pokeroom. The tournament is in December at the Bellagio ($15,000 buy in) and I have airfare and hotel (don't know where) included. Man... what a month its been!

I've gotten hammered the last few days and was happy to break out of the rut. This will be my 5th WPT or WSOP main event in less than 2 years.

The final table play was really weird. For some reason Pokerroom mis-states the prize money in the satellites. So, there were 90 some entrants at $400 a piece and the prizes were worth $18500. There should have been roughly $1800 leftover, but the tournament page reports way too much cash for the bubble spots (as if it were a normal cash tournament). For instance, it said 3rd was worth $11k. Now, its pretty easily to realize that this isn't correct... but some of the people at the FT were playing SO tight you have to wonder whether they realized it or not. Anyway I got to the FT with about $23k which was around average and doubled up on a really key hand. I had AA in the BB and UTG raised to 4000 with blinds 600/1200. I just called, and the flop came 883. I checked, my opp bet near pot and I moved and he called with TT. I'd probably play it this way too in his spot - but it was a key double up for me. From there, I built my stack up nicely until I donked off a big percent of it to the chipleader. From there, I got AQ and KK in the next two hands to get back near where I was. Finally, a really key hand was when I opened UTG with QTo and the button chip leader called and the BB called. I think we were 6 handed at this point and I was trying to ratchet up the aggression. The flop came TT5 and I bet small, the button folded but the BB pushed. I called and he had JJ and it held up. I was really going then. What a bad way to play JJ at that point.

When we were four handed the shortish stack SB limped or min raised and I had J8. The flop was AQT and he min bet, and I called. The turn was a blank and he bet again, giving me 3:1. I thought about pushing or folding, but decided to call. The river was a lovely K and I got almost all of his chips on the river. He busted the next hand when he pushed and I woke up with QQ.

Three handed, I had about 130k, the other big stack had about 90k and the short stack had about 15k. What a nice combination...and he let us steal from him enough that we could tighten when he did push. He was constantly losing ground. Finally I pushed from the SB with AQ and he woke up with QT and the ace flopped! He was dead on the turn!

I played last Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today. Sunday I fought hard after getting short early but nearly bubbled when my KK couldn't beat QQ. Tuesday, my buddy showtime played for me while I was at work and he won the first two matches (in a combined 16 hands!). I won the third match (wasn't nearly as quick), that got us to the money but I blew the fourth match. I had a nice lead and my opp outplayed me, and then I did get it in with bottom two against an overpair but he rivered a set. Wednesday Showtime got it up to 3800, but was down to 2200 when I took over with blind 50-100. The first hand I played I drew AcQc and re-raised a button opener. We got it all in , him with 88 and I lost the coinflip. Today, I struggled getting chips again. I picked up AA once when I had about 1100 and ran into AA and chopped. Then I got AA later and re-raised an opener and a caller and we took the J75 flop three way. I pushed the rest of my stack in and got called by 66 which rivered a set. Bahhhhhh.

I might play tomorrow but I am not going to buy in I don't think!

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