Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Borgata Main Event

I took seat 9 on table 4 for the $9700+$300 main event at the Borgata. We started with 20,000 chips and the structure was sweet, 75 minute levels with blinds starting at 25-50.

The only player I recognized at my table was Padraig Parkinson in Seat 2. He is definitely a character and the jokes that I could hear from his end of the table had me pretty much on the floor. Something about the Irish accent really adds something to it for me.

Anyway, I fluctuated between 18,500 and 20,000 in the first level. I saw some flops in some great implied odds situations but nothing ever materialized. I open raised quite a bit and never really flopped a hand except once with AQ. So I did a lot of continuation bets...some of them worked and I got raised on the flop occasionally. I can't ever remember actually showing a hand until this hand. Since I had been raising a lot, I decided to limp in EP with AsQs. A tight player whom I played with in a super satellite made it 250 on the button and the SB cold called and I called. The flop came down JsTs9c. What looked like a great flop for me probably was, but I wasn't sure how to proceed. We checked to the button who bet 500. The SB called and I decided to just call. The turn was 8h, SB checked, I bet 800, the button called looking like he was stubborn with KK or AA or he had AQ or QQ. To my surprise the SB thought for quite a while and eventually called. I was praying for a spade but a blank rolled off. The SB checked, I bet 500, the button called and the SB folded and the button and I chopped with AQ. How could I have played this hand differently? Should I be able to deduce the button has just a Q and not KQ on the turn and try to make him call a larger bet? Should I raise the flop? Interesting because we're so deep. Obviously I would like to get an offsuit king on the turn and get him to put all of his chips in.

Ok, the other hand that I played of significance was my bustout hand. Second level, blinds 50-100, I have about 18200. MP opens for 300, SB re-raised to 950 and I look down at KhKs. Here's the info on the SB. He has re-raised a late opener twice before, has never shown his hand in any pot and I can't remember him showing strength and not winning the pot. He seems like a decent player but inexperienced... one of those guys that seems blistfully unaware the the guy he is playing against could actually have a hand. Anyway, I re-raise to 2100 and MP insta mucks and the action goes to the SB. He seems very confused at how much it is to call. He puts out some chips and was at least 500 short, the dealer tries to collect him, the SB tries to take the money back...its very confusing. At one point when he sees how much it is to call he doesn't want to call. Another player says that the SB had said "call" in there somewhere - no one argues with him although I don't remember hearing him say it. He finally gets the 2100 in there, so we have 4500 in the middle. I am praying for a low flop because I think he will pay me off with 99-QQ and I don't think he has aces. The flop comes 2s3h4h. He checks and I bet 3500, and he calls fairly quickly. Now, at this point a big heart draw is certainly a possibility, but I think TT-QQ are still possibilities also. The turn is the 2h and he jams, he has me covered, I have about 12000 left and there is 11500 in the middle. I wouldn't jam with the nut flush there, in fact, if I had AhQh I would probably have check raised all in on the flop. After giving it some though, and since I had the Kh I decided to call. I thought there was a chance that this player thought JJ or QQ with a big heart was the nuts there and didn't want to make a bad call and instead pushed. But meh, he had AhQh and I was really bummed. I almost mucked my cards, which is totally moronic. Finally, my cards were flipped and I missed my four outs and I was out.

I felt sick right after I made the call, I knew he was going to flip up the nut flush. Just a good bet on his part and a bad call on mine. I am not making the correct adjustments to live play, especially not deep stacked. Looking forward to the Bellagio still, but plenty of work to do to get better before then.

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