Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunday Tourneys

I played all of the Sunday tourneys and had a nice cash in one, on Bodog. I ended up third for $9200. One interesting hand happened when I had about 6700, blinds 100-200. A new player (has me covered) makes it 800 in MP and I have 55 in the BB. I am a little reluctant to call such a big part of my stack here with a small pair that I have to fold quite often, but I decide to take a look. The flop is 567 two clubs. I check, he bets 1100 and I make it 3300. He thinks for a second and calls. The turn is an A and I jam and he calls with AdTd. I have no idea what he was thinking but always nice to double up while not risking going broke and having a giant stack at that point in the tournament. Nothing else was interesting until we were three handed.

I found myself getting short, the big stack (MikeVP) pounded away pretty hard at the two smaller stacks. One hand I open pushed with Th9h from the button and the big stack called with 33 and I won. Then I won several hands preflop or on the flop and built it up to 240k just barely in the lead. Then the big hand happened. I limped from the SB with Kc9c and MikeVP raised to 31k (blinds 6/12). I decided to call and broke a number of rules. Don't play against the big stack out of position with a bad hand... anyway the flop brought 988 two spades and I checked planning to check raise. I checked, Mike bet 30k, I made it 100k and he instantly jammed. I felt like he could have a very large range here and called but he had 84. Interesting (but effective) play to raise my limp with such a bad hand. A nice change-up on his part. Anyway, so now I have 2000 and the blinds are 6000/12000 and am the BB the next hand. All over right?

Not exactly. I get AA and double up. Then I get QQ (all in again) and triple up with a set of queens. I'm now in the SB with 24k and jam with J3o (CBL!) and the BB has 58 and I win. A few hands later the smaller stack jams from the SB and I call with A4 and win against K7. From 2k to 100k!

From there I made a bad play when I got a little aggressive with Q8 and jammed from the button, the small stack (who is now only about 4BB's) calls all in with KJ and wins. I double up once more with T9 against 76 and have about 60k, equal with the other short stack when I get A7o on the button. This is a pretty clear jam to me, but unfortunately the big stack woke up with AT and won. An exciting rollercoaster for sure.

I have also started playing a bunch of 20/40 on Party and things have gone really well at the start. Up about $6,200 in 3500 hands. Nice to feel a positive fluctuation in limit as well. I feel more comfortable than ever playing limit, especially full ring...but of course that's because I'm running good right?

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