Monday, December 5, 2005


Quick summary of the Sunday tourneys.

Bodog, bust AA early on to get above 6000, then proceed to lose a lot of small pots. Finally down to about 2800 I get it in with QQ vs AQ and lose.

Paradise $30r, in for $240 with minimum chips I get it in with KT vs A9 on a K high flop and lose.

Pokerroom $300. I love this tourney for some reason but never do well in it. Lose 2500 of my 3700 with AQ vs QJ on a QT85 board with the 9 on the river. Proceed to jam with A7 on the button vs an utg limper. Of course he has AT and I lose. (Not blaming him, don't like my push)

Interpoker $200, UTG raises to 120 (4xbb), I make it 400 with AA, flop comes Q high all clubs, I have Ac, I am check raised all in, pretty much resigned to being shown queens. I am in fact shown queens and miss my flush draw/set.

Dise $200. I won the first pot I played for once and felt great sitting at 1700. From there I got snapped off trying to pick up a pot and get it in with QQ vs 55 on an 865 flop for about 20 bbs.

Party $200. Had a bunch of big pairs early but no action. Fall for the ole limp-re-raise with TT vs QQ to get down to 1000. Get the rest of the chips in with KK vs AQ and lose.

Stars $200. Had some chips and lost them. Didn't play particularly well. Busted with Q8 vs A6 in the blinds.

Full Tilt $200. This was embarrassing. One pair does not beat a set, I have to write that on my hand or something as a reminder.

That's a big fat zero for the second week in a row. Oh, I played a UB WSOP qualifer also and lost small pots for 90 minutes, doubled up , and then ran KQ into AA. I played really solid and took all the deck gave me and then try one move and find AA.

Oh, and I played the Stars rebuy for my buddy Kevin. I was in for $101 with 7k at the break. Nice hour for me. Kevin was late getting to the computer to play so I played for the next hour or so. Somehow, I get it to 17k, hand it off, and Kevin finds KK no good against AJ and "we" bust like 800 million spots from the money.

If that all sounds like a lot of poker I also played 1000 hands of 20/40 and booked a small win. At one point I was up enough to book a profit for the day and it slowly went away after that.

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