Thursday, December 22, 2005

Small Update

I spent the weekend winning satellites to big buyin online tourneys that I didn't cash in. So, I lost, but I guess I didn't lose as much as I would have had I bought into all of them...

This week I've played some 20/40 on party, usually 6 tabling. I'm getting more and more comfortable even though it seems like I am making some monster hands but often end up being second best. I've had about 10 sets cracked this week alone and have been on the wrong end of set over set a bunch of times. So, it hasn't been a very good week or month but I'm ok with it because I feel like my game is improving. I'd rather have a really bad Decemember and a great January anyway as that means I owe less come April 15.

My last day of work is Friday, Dec 30, I am so pumped up to play poker full time. I hope to play a lot online in January and may make a trip to Tunica and or the Borgata at the end of the month. Happy holidays to my readers.

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