Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Last night I ended up final tabling a double shootout for Atlantis. I had ZeeJustin to my right and Michael123 to my left so I played pretty tight at the final table... anwyay things did not go my way. I worked it up to 1850 or so at one point and then went completely cardead. The blinds got to 50/100 and I opened for 300 with AK and got it all in with 99 and lost. Would have had 2500 if I win the pot and at least a chance to get after it a bit...

Other than that I whiffed in a few other tourneys. Got close to the money on Party in the $150, ending up about 106th with 100 spots playing. Frustrating only because I caught a few lucky breaks but couldn't capitalize and really played poorly the last hour or so. I also played the Paradise $150 with a nice overlay... but finished nowhere close to the money. I told Matt about the tournament and he finished 5th and I'm still waiting for my cut.

Somehow in-between I booked a nice enough win in 20/40 to cover all of my other tournaments for the night. I didn't even play really well I just caught a few lucky pots. One big pot I recall :
Playing shorthanded I raise on button+1 with 76o, button three bets, BB cold calls, I call. The flop is Q64, BB checks, I bet, button raises, BB cold calls, I call. Turn is 5 putting two diamonds on board, BB checks, I check, button bets, BB raises, I cold call for $80, button calls. The river is a 6 and the BB checks and I decide the button will bet and go for the check raise, button bets, BB calls, I raise, they both call and I take it against KK and AdQd.

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