Thursday, October 20, 2005

Been awhile...

Sorry its been so long since an update. Not too much exciting has happened.

I went to Turning Stone last Friday and played the Saturday $500+50. Ironically, I was seated to the right of a player that I donked off more than half of my stack to late in Day 1 of the World Series. Anyway, I felt really comfortable and built my starting stack from 2000 to over 4000 in the first two levels. Unfortunately, I threw most of it away on a big hand I played with another big stack when I only had the second nuts to his stone cold nuts. The tournament structure SUCKED. I remember playing there getting more like T3,000 with blinds starting 25/25 but the first level in this tourney was 25/50. Getting 40 big blinds sucks. After I lost the big hand I had T700 with blinds 50/100 and lost quickly when I pushed from the button with Q7 and ran into KJ.

I had planned to stick around for the $1,000 on Sunday but when I returned to the hotel to play the Atlantis Super the internet connection was down. I also couldn't watch or listen to the Michigan football game so I got in the car and drove the 400 miles back home... On Sunday I played all of the big Sunday tourneys and crashed and burned in all of them. I frankly don't remember anything interesting from any of them, it was a frustrating day.

On Monday I played a few tournaments including a double shootout for Atlantis. I made the final table for the second time in 9 tries and unfortunately for the second straight time nothing went well at the final table. I guess I'll get there eventually but seeing a bunch of my friends make it already its frustrating!

On Tuesday I went for a change-up. I played 2/4 NL on Full Tilt and playing two tables for about 2.5 hours I made $1700. What a nice feeling... I also played some $100 SNG's which was fun. I'm looking for new ways to make money - to help fight off tournament variance. I also made a nice run in the Party $100 that starts at 7pm. I love this tournament because its at a perfect time for me but this is the first time in awhile I've run well. Key hand that got me going : Limp behind a limper with AcTc, blinds also come. Flop is 789 two clubs. Checked to me and I bet 55, BB (short stack around 600) min raises and the player to my right calls and I call. The turn is a club, BB jams, player to my right calls, I jam, player to my right calls. JT for the BB and A9 for the other player and I'm up nicely to 2500. I made it to the final 30 when I lost with KK vs AK and went out a few hands later. I thought for sure I was going to make the final table!!

Last night I played some 2/4 NL and then took a look at 20/40 again. It did not go well, I thought I played reasonably well - I just ran bad. I think the game has gotten worse since Party changed but I'm not sure. I might step back to 15/30 for awhile...

Guess that is all. Hope you are all making money out there.

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