Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Yeah, I've slipped in updating, I know.

Its depressing to talk about bustouts day after day, but here are the reports.

The $2k NL was over really fast for me. I don't think I made the first break. I got down to 1200 on this hand... I am in the BB with A8o and there are about 4 players to the flop. The flop comes 853 and the SB bets out 50, I make it 200 and the first limper cold calls and the SB folds. The turn is a 3 and I check and the limper checks. The river is a 9, and I made a bad play and bet out 300 and he raised and I had to fold... I think he either had 67 or a full house, becuase the way it was played I don't know what other hand he could have.

So I blinded down a bit, and then re-raised all in preflop with QQ and my opp folded. I finally got all my chips in with Ks4s vs KQ on a Kxx two spade flop and lost.

The 3k Limit was next and I really played poorly. Even after I got some chips I felt like I was playing too loose and then got frustrated and had no cards and forced the issue a bit too much.

The 5k NL was today... really looked forward to this one. I don't think I've ever seen such a tough field. At my table at the beginning were Dewey Tomko, Men the Master and Steve Danneman. Eventually Greg Raymer, Matt Hilger and Ben Roberts filled in when people busted (Men was the only big name to bust). I played a really uneventful couple of levels. The only big hand I won was with JJ when Danneman raised up front and myself and another guy called and I won the pot with a turn bet.

When I returned from break I had about 5000 and this hand came up... A guy who has been raising alot makes it 600 from MP. I call from the BB with 77. The flop comes 622 and I check, and he pushes all in for 3550. Normally this kind of overbet screams "I don't want a call" but I had played with this guy in the 2500nl and thought like 88 or TT were possibilities also. Plus it was almost all of my chips. I eventually called and he showed 55 but rivered a 5. That was horribly frustrating...but nothing I can do about it. So I was down to 775 with 100-200 blinds.

Raymer doubled me up when I jammed with A3h and he called with 22. Later I doubled with AA vs 77 to get to 3000. I got down to 2300 when Matt Hilger open limped, Dewey limped behind, I jammed iwth ATo and the BB woke up with JJ and busted me. My next tourney is the 2500nl on Friday.

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