Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Typical Day...

I thought I would share what a typical tournament day is like for me...

2pm :
Entered the World Series of Poker double shootout on Stars - fee was $150+10.
I got some chips early in this thing when I turned the nut flush - but when we were down to 4 or 5 I raised on the button with 77 and the blinds pushed with 99 and I called and lost.
Entered the $50+5 tournament on Party. I doubled early in this tournament and had a nice stack for awhile - eventually I put my chips in with KhQh against KT and JJ on a ten high flop with two hearts and lost a 30k pot about 15 spots from the money. If I win that pot I'm in pretty darn good shape.

2:15pm :
Entered the $100 rebuy on Pokerstars. Spent $309, rebuying at the beginning and adding on. I made the money in this tourney for the first time (I rarely play it) and made $520 for my effort. The unfortunate ending to this tournament was running into AA with JJ in the blinds with about 15 people left.

3:00pm :
Entered the $30 rebuy on Stars (WSOP satellite). Spent $213. I lost a coinflip with about 15 left to give me a pretty good stack. (Only first place got a WSOP entry and second and third got cash)
Entered the $30 rebuy on Paradise. Spent $90. Had a good first hour then went on a huge rush when we got into the money, chip leader with about 18 left, but came up short at the end and finished third for $4200.

3:15pm :
Entered the $50 rebuy on Stars. Spent $455. Never had a lot of chips and ran JJ into AA with about 80 people left or so.

4:00pm :
Entered the $500 POT LIMIT 5 CARD DRAW tournament on Pokerroom. Its part of their big series - there was a $150k guarantee and only around 160 people entered - so I figured even with my limited knowledge of the game (ie, no knowledge) I would probably be +EV. I finished maybe 80th, maybe worse, I don't really remember. Playing 5 tables plus this game that I never play was a big tough. I ran a flush into a full house early to go to 3200 from 5000, then got it all the way to 10000 before I ran two pair into trips and was crippled.

4:10pm :
Entered the $30 rebuy on Party. Spent $393. Had a huge stack after the rebuy period (see the 13 rebuys) but made a terrible call for almost all of my chips then ran TT into JJ.

6:00pm :
Entered the $100 rebuy on Dise. Spent $300. Never had any chips but made the money and won $322. (got my money back).

7:00pm :
Entered the $300+20 on Stars. Tripled up early on with the nut flush vs a smaller flush vs top pair no kicker (yeah, I was a little bit surprised the last guy came along). I stayed at 7500 for a long time after my triple up. About 6 spots from the money I re-raised the small blind with KQ from the BB and lost to her JJ - leaving me in last place. A few hands later I tripled up with QQ vs AK and AK. (There was an ace on the flop but I runner'd spades!). Then I lost a huge pot on the bubble with TT vs a short stacks 44. I eventually lost with KJ vs 87 on a 76TJ board. Again, I won just a small amount $495.
Entered the $100 35k guarantee on Party. Made the money and with about 30 left I lost a coinflip. I won $387.

9:00 pm :
Entered the $30 rebuy on Dise. Spent $150. Busted right after the break with TT vs 97 on a 778 flop.
Entered the $150 on Stars. This is a tournament I never do well, so I was excited to have a nice stack with about 80 people left (54 paid), but then lost with AA vs 99 after the T92 flop, then AQ to TT for all my chips when the board came AQxxT.
Entered the $69+6 satellite on Full Tilt. Had no chips the entire time then lost with AK vs AJ with about 15 people left, if I win, I probably get a seat to a $1500 WSOP tourney.
Entered the $50+4 Bodog satellite for a $1500 WSOP entry. Busted very early with a big pair vs a set.

So that's what its like to play 4-5 tables for 10 hours straight... and many people do it far more often and for longer than I do!


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