Sunday, April 23, 2006


Its been a rough week. I think I've lost every day, mostly playing tournaments and not getting anywhere but also playing 15/30 and losing.

I did however win one thing last night - I took down the $24+2 Razz satellite on Full Tilt and won a seat to the $1500 Razz tournament at the World Series of Poker on July 22 (I also won $500 spending money). For anyone who doesn't know, Razz is a game that is dealt exactly like 7 card stud but you play for the low instead of the high. A2345 is the very best hand in Razz (straights and flushes do not count against you). If it sounds weird and a little boring, well, it is. But it is probably my second best game to holdem and I was hoping to play it at the World Series even if I didn't win a seat first.

When I got heads up I was pretty nervous because I had gotten second in the $100 Razz tourney on Full Tilt twice and really hadn't played well heads up. Razz is a pretty funky game heads up, whomever has the low card usually just completes and takes the pot on third street - and the only time you ever get deep in a hand is when you have close to the same hand as your opponent... no matter if its a great hand or a terrible hand. So with about 180,000 chips in play I started heads up with about 110k, got ground down all the way to 35k before coming back to win. Heads up lasted what seemed like an hour or so.

I plan on playing just about every Sunday tournament I can today, so wish me luck, hopefully I get out of this losing streak today.

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