Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not so Super Tuesday

Had one of those classic nights last night where I had a lot of things go right, then I made some dumb plays at the wrong time and ultimately won nothing.

Played the following tournaments :
Full Tilt's $200+16 qualifier. Got some chips early in the first hour, had it up to 6 or 7k. Went card dead, survived until we were down to 16 or so and got it in with AA vs AT to get up to 20k and in the top 5. This meant I had chips to play with so I decided to re-steal with 85 from the SB against a button raise, he types in "ok, here goes nothing" which is not what you want to hear when you are re-stealing and his A7o held up. I make it to the final table close to last in chips, they were paying 1 $12k seat but second and third had decent cash. My bustout hand goes like this , UTG+1 limps for 1000, next seat limps for 1000, I am in the SB with Kd3d and contemplate jamming for 10k but decide to take a flop and the BB checks his option. The flop is Jxx two diamonds and I jam for 9k into the 5k pot. BB folds and the first limper calls with QJo and my overcard and flush draw misses.

UB's $200+15 qualifier. I draw a tough table with sheets and jsup, and let sheets bait me into a bad call, so I'm down to 700 near the end of the first hour. I crank it up to 6k, lose a big pot down to 2500, crank it up to 7k when I get it in with JJ vs Jsup KK and lose. I'm left with 65 chips and the blinds had to be 150/300 or something. I go from 65 to 12000 in about 20 minutes - and I can't even remember the hands but it was pretty ridiculous. So with about 40 left I'm in the middle of the field and they are paying 3 wsop seats + cash. I somehow burn off about 6k of my stack and then lose with AK vs KK and TT.

Double shootout for atlantis on Stars. Win the first table for the 5th time in about 14 tries and then never get anything going on the second table for the 5th time. Get AQ vs a shorty QQ and lose about 800, then build it back up to about 1200 and find AQ vs AK to send me to the rail. (Again, no money because I was not in the top 4)

Dise $200 for Bay 101. This went about as well as a Dise tourney has gone in the last month or two. I won small pots early and had it to 2500, then blind/donk down to 1500 or so and jam overtop of a limper with A7o who inexplicably has TT, must have been at the 75-150 level. At that point there were about 50 or 60 left and they were paying three seats.

Stars $150+12. Things went ok until I re-raise an EP player with AK, get a cold caller behind, flop a K and go broke against pocket KK. Nice cold deck there (although I'm not entirely happy with the way I played that hand).

Party $150+12. Immediately lose about 450 of that not-so-generous 1000 starting stack, fight/claw my way up to 1800... open a pot with JT for 300, get re-raised, fold, and then blind down a bit to 1250 when I jam with AQ and get called by 66 and lose.

Played for a long time in a couple of those tourneys and really felt like I might win a seat to something but ultimately came up pretty short. Off to the Bellagio on Friday to play the $5k on Saturday. Not sure if I will play if I don't satellite in - we'll see, but looking forward to it.

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