Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Borgata $10k & Annoying Bubble

I was out just after the dinner break at the Borgata main event. I drew another tough table with John Phan and Barry Greenstein to my left, and many other good players at the table. I was pretty much card dead, getting up to 28k or so from the 25k starting stack just a couple of times. I lost a big pot to John Phan before dinner bluffing the flop and firing another barrel on the turn which he called - after dinner we were playing 300/600/75 and I had under 10k and got it all in preflop against John with AdKd vs As9s and lost.

I played the usual array of Sunday tournaments and cashed in only one (the UB $200 for $500). Its been pretty ugly for me this year on Sunday, whereas last year I had a couple of big wins.

Tonight I played in the WCOOP event #3 which was Pot Limit Omaha $300+20 with rebuys. I spent $920 and cashed for over $1600. Just cashing for me was pretty amazing as I never play PLO (I may have played one or two PLO tourneys before). I also played a $1,000 super satellite for the Aussie Millions on Full Tilt. Yes, I already have my seat but I can play further satellites for cash ($18,000 to be exact). Tonight they were giving away two $18k seats and $2,000 cash for third place. When we were down to 4, I was the shortest stack but caught a break when 3rd place busted in a tough hand against one of the bigger stacks. When we began three handed here were the stack sizes :

Seat 4: EdStar (43,248)
Seat 7: Bukowski (61,637)
Seat 9: Nordberg (9,115)

Obviously, I was in trouble - but EdStar didn't seem to figure out that he shouldn't play against the big stack at all and at one point we became tied at 20k for 2nd. Then I got short, then doubled through the big stack to take a little bit of a lead on 3rd. Then this hand came up :

Seat 4: EdStar (14,410)
Seat 7: Bukowski (76,859)
Seat 9: Nordberg (22,731)
EdStar antes 125
Bukowski antes 125
Nordberg antes 125
Nordberg posts the small blind of 500
EdStar posts the big blind of 1,000
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Nordberg [Ad Jc]
Persy (Observer): you've got it nord
Bukowski folds
Nordberg raises to 22,606, and is all in
EdStar calls 13,285, and is all in
Nordberg shows [Ad Jc]
EdStar shows [Kc Tc]
Uncalled bet of 8,321 returned to Nordberg
*** FLOP *** [2c 6c Qc]
*** TURN *** [2c 6c Qc] [Td]
Poopy Pants (Observer): wow
*** RIVER *** [2c 6c Qc Td] [2d]

I think this was a marginal call by the big blind - but that's the way it goes. I ended up third a few hands later for $2,000. I won't complain too much because I already won a seat and I got really lucky to do so - but man, it still stings getting that close and losing.

I'm home for a couple of weeks before heading back to Atlantic City for the US Poker Champs $10k, then its off to Vegas and back home for a day or two before heading to Niagara.

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